Land of the Setting Sun


“Land of the Setting Sun” is the psycho-scape depicting the post disaster sentiment in my home Japan. The images are obscured by the collective anxiety that was felt everywhere in the land after the series of disasters hit Japan in 2011.

This book project presents the anonymous streets and corners of various cities in Japan. The sequence of images is dotted with the rocky landscapes of Mt. Osore hidden between the folds of the pages. Mt. Osore is a volcano in the northernmost part of Japan’s main island, and by local folk belief, Mt. Osore, literally means a mountain of fear, is the place where the deceased souls would go. The mountain was once crowded after the earthquake and tsunami with the pilgrims mourning for the dead.

Book detail:
Title: Land of the Setting Sun
Soft cover
Self published
Book design: Ronja Andersen (Werkplaats Typography, Arnhem, NL)
Year: 2015
Edition: 100, numbered and signed
Printing: Risography, Stichting Kaboem! Amsterdam
Paper: Revive 90g (newsprint paper)
Pages: 28 pages (folded), 28 images

* SCAN Tarragona Photobook Show, 2016, nomination
* Spine Dummy Book Award, Stockholm, 2015, nomination
* El Books, Encontros da Imagem, Braga, 2015, nomination
* Photobook Bristol Dummy and First Book Table, 2016, nomination
* Self Publish Riga, 2016, nomination

Price: 18 EUR
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